Benvenuto in un luogo con oltre 3.000 anni di storia!

Benvenuto a Borgo Montedale!

Il tuo piccolo angolo di paradiso

Un borgo ricco di storia e di tradizioni

Nel cuore dell'Appennino tra Marche Umbria e Toscana


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Introducing ourselves

Our family name is Matteucci . The head of the family, Mariano, and his forefathers were born in the village.
The family is currently owning two houses, both located in Montedale.
One is already finished and usable as holiday house, the other one, the old rectory, has been evaluated as cultural and architectural heritage by the Regional Authority and only external refurbished so far.
We would like to make new contacts in order to renew this wonderful village and we are opened to any interesting offer. It could mean to sell the property and even to create a society.

Our properties include woodlands and farmlands near the houses and not far from the neighborhood .
It is right here that we would like to create a park . Ideally growing a vegetable garden or whatever in the imagination of people will attend the project.
The necessary condition is to create a synergy without forgetting to respect the few residents who were born there and who currently keep working as farmers.
Only with this kind of synergy, it will be possible to give a future to the village and in the meantime to defend his thousand years old history.